EcoTech helps to keep harmful electronics out of our landfill by offering a convenient and secure way for you to dispose of your electronics. We offer responsible recycling for electronic.

EcoTech offers disposal of data sensitive assets of any kind, we use certified data destruction services which include:

  • Hard drive crushing
  • Data Wiping
  • Hard Drive Degaussing

The certified data of distraction comes with a certificate of destruction. All of our vendors are certified R2/ISO14001 or e-Steward therefore no electronics are shipped overseas or go into our landfills.

 To schedule a pick-up or drop-off please call 602-600-6002 or email info@ecotechaz.com

Whether you are buying or selling one computer or hundreds, our mission is to provide customers the best experience possible. All items are in good to excellent condition and include a 90-day warranty (longer warranties are available). 

 What differentiates us is our low pricing and high level of customer service. We are easy to reach by phone or email.


  • Purchase used computers at a fraction of the original price
  • Speed up slow computers
  • Resolve computer errors
  • Set up new computers, printers and network equipment such as routers and wireless extenders
  • Transfer data from one computer to another
  • Recover lost data