IT Asset Disposal

Sustainable and Secure Solutions for Your IT Assets Needs.


Safely, Securely and cost-effectively dispose of your old equipment.

Data Destruction

Destruction containing sensitive data Offsite and Onsite shredding.


Simplify the collection e-waste disposal, and secure transportation

Certified Data Destruction

Your SOC auditor needs to know who you have entrusted your confidential information with.  Working with a  Certified data destruction vendor is your third-party due diligence for data destruction vendors.

Certified Data Destruction and Recycling

Secure Destruction

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How Secure Data Destruction Service Can Keep Your Information Safe

Our secure data destruction services help you to destroy confidential or sensitive information that is stored either on electronic media (including hard disks, SSD, tapes, CDs, DVDs, NAND media, and USBs) or on hard-copy paper versions. Destruction can be achieved using a number of methods, depending on the extent of destruction. These secure data destruction services include shredding, crushing, wiping, and degaussing for all data-bearing equipment and devices.

Laptops, computers, PC’s, cell phones, tablet devices, and networking equipment such as printers and servers – all of your office equipment now has the ability to store sensitive data, and you need secure data destruction to minimize your exposure to a breach.

With our certified absolute data destruction and data sanitation service, you can safeguard your company’s sensitive information from unauthorized disclosure, as well as comply with software licensing agreements, state and federal data security and privacy laws, and regulations impacting the protection of stored IT data.

What Happens to Information on End-of-Life Assets?

If you’re in business, then you have obsolete hardware and software that likely contains confidential data that could leak to the wrong hands.

Employee and customer information, patient data, student records, and confidential information like social security numbers, addresses, and date of birth records. When electronic equipment reaches its end-of-life, it’s crucial that confidential data like this is properly destroyed and the equipment is disposed of in a way that satisfies federal, state, and local regulations.

Without Certified Equipment Destruction, Your Company is Vulnerable

A failure to properly remove sensitive data and safeguard your information in a manner that renders it unrecoverable could leave your company vulnerable to a data security breach.

This could pose a significant risk to your liability.

Destruction of laptop computers, PC’s, network equipment and offsite hard drive shredding services – all come with a Certificate of Destruction to certify that your corporation is safe.

So if your company has IT assets with:

Software programs

Institutional/business data

Personally identifiable data

Non-public data

Then you MUST have them reliably erased and/or destroyed before being transferred out of your possession.